Bank of Israel: foreign direct investment in Israel up sharply

Port2port News Service:

 The Bank of Israel ( BoI ) announced on November 11th that foreign direct investment in Israel increased sharply during Q3/2008, despite the global economic crisis.

 According to data released by the Bank foreign direct invest via the banking system totaled over $2b in Q3/2008. 
The BoI did not disclose list foreign investment not made through the banks for the third quarter. Foreign direct investment via the banks totaled $996m for September. 
The two largest investments were $200m in a chemicals company and $175m in an electronics company. 
Foreign investment in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) went the other way, with heavy sales reflecting the global financial crisis. Net foreign investment on the TASE fell by $511m in September; a net $595m worth of stocks were sold, offset by a net $84m investment in bonds. 
Foreign investors sold more than $300m in chemical companies' shares and $240m in bank stocks in september.