First shipments of Carmel's strawberries

port2port news service

Strawberries export target is 1,100 tonnes, a 28% rise from last season. All of Agrexco strawberry growers hold 
a EurepGAP license.

 This week marks the beginning of Carmel's strawberry season that will continue until the end of march 2009. Carmel's strawberries will reach their European destinations by sea, as part of Agrexco's environmental policy which heavily relies on usage of its "green ships" rather than planes.

 Yehuda Reichman, Product Manager in Agrexco informed, that “although strawberries are delicate and tender, experiments conducted proved their ability to reach their destinations in a prime condition as if they were harvested a few hours ago".

 Export target is 1100 tonnes, a 28% rise from last season. Crop represents the cultivation efforts of fifty growers, with a total cultivation area of 140 hectares. Most of the strawberry is grown in low tunnels, shielded with a plastic cover at night and the rest are grown in green houses.

 The crop includes premium varieties such as Yuval and Orly, and volume oriented varieties such as Hadas,Tamar,Yael and Tamir.

 All of Agrexco strawberry growers hold a EurepGAP license and comply with individual standards some of the retail chains demand.