CBS: Investments in Israel up 12.7% in 2010

Port2port News Service
Apr 4, 2011 
Investments in non-residential buildings work were up 2.6%. Investments in vehicles were up 29.7%, Factories investments- up 9.8%, The investments in intangible assets were up 20.4% 
The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) noted last week that investments in fixed assets in Israeli industries – including non-residential construction, machinery, equipment, vehicles and assets – was up by 12.7% in 2010, following a 9.8% drop in 2009. 
According to the CBS, investments in non-residential buildings and other construction work – including industrial structures, offices and roads – were up 2.6%, following a 4.9% drop. 
Investments in vehicles, deducting used cars sold to households, were up 29.7% after a 6.6% drop. Factories investments in machinery and equipment were up 9.8% compared to a 19.2% drop in 2009. The investments in intangible assets, like software and gas and oil searches, were up 20.4% following a 7% rise in 2009. 
Investments in infrastructures were down 6.8%. These investments include buildings, construction work and certain equipment in the transportation field – including ports, trains and roads, communication; energy – including electricity, oil and gas; water – including sewage and desalination; and development. 
The governmental sector's gross local investment in fixed assets totaled NIS 15.1 billion (about US$4.26 billion) in 2010, 15.3% of the total investment in fixed assets in the economy's industries that same year.
15% of the governmental sector's total investments were directed at infrastructures, 56% at social services and 29% at administration and other services, sanitation services, safety and security, firefighting, etc. 
The governmental sector's total gross local investment in fixed assets was up 8.9% following a 3% rise. The investment in infrastructure was down 0.9%, while the investment in social services – education, health and welfare – was up 12.7%.