Exports in Q2 up 3.7%

Port2port News Service  
Sep 5, 2011 
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor reported last week that exports by Israel's 100 biggest exporters rose 3.7% to US$7.13 billion in the second quarter of 2011 compared to US$6.88 billion in the first quarter.
The report noted that all four manufacturing sectors contributed to the export growth in the second quarter: high-tech exports was up 1.8% over the preceding quarters; mixed-high tech exports was up 1%; mixed-low technology exports was up 12.%, and low technology exports up 8.1%.
The report noted that exports by large companies rose by 6.3%, exports by mid-sized companies, employing 501-1,000 employees, rose by 5.6%.
In contrary to the performance of large & mid-sized exporters, exports by small companies, employing fewer than 500 employees, fell by 4.7%.
Regarding Israel's export markets, the report noted that China was Israel's fastest growing export market, with US$422 million, followed by Brazil, at US$179 million. Vietnam closed the list with US$22 million.