Amarillis continues to leverage its international success:Together with its Indian partner, Cargo Motors, Amarillis is competing in another tender for the construction and operations of a new Ro-Ro Terminal in Chennai Port.

The two companies recently were awarded the concession for planning, construction and operations of Nargol Port in Gujarat projected to cost approximately $700 million.

Amarillis continues to leverage its international activity. After winning the tender together with its Indian partner, Cargo Motors for the planning, construction and operatiions of Nargol Port in India, the two companies announced today that they would  broaden their cooperation and intend to submit a joint proposal in response to the Chennai port ro-ro terminal tender. The announcement was made during a visit to Israel by Cargo Motors head, Jayant Nanda and Drov Batra who is the head of a subsidiary company involved with infrastructure development. 

Dr. Yechiel Leiter, Chairman of the Israel Ports Company (IPC), said that India is one of the largest developing economies in the world, with an impressive growth rate. He noted that, "In the coming years, enormous sums will be invested in infrastructure in India, including tens of billions of dollars in seaport development.  We are confident that we can professionally contribute in a manner that help the country develop modern and efficient logistics infrastructure needed to handle India’s international trade. "

Jayant Nanda, the head of Cargo Motors and its owner, announced during his visit in Israel that the partnership with the Israel Ports Company has proven itself by being awarded this important tender, and by getting the concession. "Cargo Motors is 
interested in Israeli knowhow and collaboration with additional Israeli companies, primarily in the areas of renewable energy, water desalination and logistics, and I imagine that additional Israeli companies will be integrated into the Nargol Port effort."  According to him, the Nargol Port concession will cover a period of 30 years.  "The joint venture between Cargo Motors and the Israel Ports Company will expand and they will work together on other projects in India," said Nanda.

Richard Ben Haim, CEO of Amarillis, which is the international arm of IPC, announced that the companies intend to participate in another tender in the near future for the construction and operations ofa RO-RO terminal in Chennai Port in the Temil Nadu District of India.  He further noted that as part of the framework of the strategic partnership of the two companies, the companies are promoting a new college for maritime professions and vocations in Gujarat