CBS: the terms of trade index rose 3.3 percent

 Port2port News Service
June 29, 2012

Import price index dropped 1.7% in January-March 2011
The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported that the import price Index (excluding ships, aircraft' fuels and diamonds) point to a drop of 1.7% in January-March 2011. 
The export price Index (excluding ships, aircraft and diamonds), point to a rise of 1.5% in the same period. 
Export price index point to a rise in exports of high technology industries, medium high technology industries and medium low technology industries. 
The terms of trade Index (excluding ships, aircraft' fuels and diamonds) improved by 3.3% in the first quarter 2011.
The report is based on preliminary data on goods that passed through Customs.
The CBS data do not include trade between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Imports are valued c.i.f., and exports are valued f.o.b.
The terms of trade index is calculated as the ratio of the total export price index to the total import price index.