February 2012: increase in the manufacturing production and goods export

Port2port News Service
Mar 23, 2012 
The Composite State-of-the-Economy Index for February 2012 increases by 0.2% 
The Bank of Israel's composite state-of-the-economy index for February 2012 increased by 0.2% from its January 2012 level. 
The increase in the index this month reflects increases in the manufacturing production index and the goods exports index. 
These increases were offset by a marked decline in the index of services exports and a decline in the trade and services revenue index. 
The main components of the index changed as follows: The index of manufacturing production rose by 0.9% in January, following its increase of 0.6% in December. 
The trade and services revenue index declined 1.3% in January, after a 1.2% rise in December. 
The services (excluding transport) exports index dropped in February (Bank of Israel estimate) by 19.2%, after rising by 23.4% in January. 
The index of imports of production inputs declined in February by 2.9%, after an increase of 4.5% in January. 
The goods exports (real) index increased by 0.7% in February, following a 3% decline in January. 
The (real) index of consumer goods imports declined by 0.2% in February, following an increase of 1.7% in January.