Israel's tax authority: car import in June down 8%

Port2port News Service
Jul 17, 2012 
The decline in first quarter deliveries was attributed to a sharp decline in purchase by leasing companies
Israel's tax authority reported last week that private vehicles imported in June totaled 19,684 , down 8% compared to the corresponding period last year, when totaled number of private vehicle imported was 21,391.
The decline was smaller compared to the decline in the first half of 2012, during which period private vehicles imported declined by 11% compared to the corresponding period last year. 
During the first six months, total number of imported cars was 108,214. The decline in the first quarter was attributed mainly to the sharp decline in car purchase by car leasing companies.
In the commercial vehicle sector the Israel's tax authority registered a total import of 541 vehicles a 42% decline compared to the corresponding month last year.
In light of the figures published by the Tax Authority, the Israel Motor Vehicles Importers Association reported that on the basis of licensing figures new vehicle deliveries fell 10% to 110,403 vehicles in the first half of 2012, from 122,826 vehicles in the first half of 2011. June deliveries were down 18%, compared with the corresponding month, to 18,220 vehicles. 
South Korea's Hyundai Motor Company had the most deliveries in the first half - 17,970 deliveries, 5% more than in the corresponding half. Ford Motor Company was in second place, with 11,063 delivers, up 137%; followed by Korea's Kia Motors Ltd. with 10,718 deliveries, up 36%; and Toyota Motor Corporation, with 9,700 deliveries, down 8%. Mazda Motor Corporation fell to fifth place from first place, due to the halving of deliveries to 6,377 cars. Czech's Skoda rose to sixth place, with 5,920 deliveries in the first half, up 23% on the corresponding half. Nissan Motor Company Ltd. Volkswagen AG, Suzuki Motor Corporation and Korean-made Chevrolet completed the top ten.