New HaMifratz Port plan was approved for deposit

Port2port News Service
Dec 18, 2012 

The planning committee is working also on the plan for the new deep water port in Ashdod.
The Israel Ports and assets Company (IPC) announced that Israel Interior Ministry's National Planning and Building Committee has approved the deposit for public objections the plans for the construction of Haifa's new Bayport/HaMifratz Port. 
The company noted that in parallel, it is working for the approval the new Ashdod's Southport/HaDarom Port. 
Both projects will include breakwater and quay construction, dredging services and terminal reclamation. Both projects include a primary quay 1,050-1,100m long, breakwater extensions and lee breakwaters of differing lengths, as well as extensive dredging and reclamation works.
The new quays' container capacity will be TEU 1.1-1.4 million each. The estimated cost of each quay is NIS 4 billion. The Ports Company expects container cargo traffic at the two Israeli ports to grow by 5.3% a year. 
However, analysis of the figures indicates that its estimate is conservative compared with the actual growth rate. The Ports Company believes that the ports will reach full capacity by 2018, and that they will not be able to handle additional cargoes.
The IPC expects to complete the design of the new container terminals in Haifa and Ashdod this year and is concurrently progressing with the permitting process.
The Government has delegated the decision on the timing of the terminal developments to the Transport and Finance Ministers who have not yet decided which of the two terminals will be developed first or if they will be developed in parallel. Initial operations of the first terminal is targeted for 2018.