Israel Announces Tender for the Operations of New Container Terminals in Ashdod and/or Haifa

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Minister of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety Yisrael Katz; and, Minister of Finance Yair Lapid jointly announced today that the Israel Ports Company has published the first stage of an international tender for the operations of new container terminals to be built in Haifa and Ashdod.  The tender is aimed at global operators who will compete for a concession for the operations of Ashdod’s Southport terminal and/or Haifa’s Bayport terminals. 

The new terminals are to be built on land that will be reclaimed and will feature facilities that have been designed to handle EEE class vessels.  At full construction, the terminals will have two quays with a total length of some 1600m, with maximum waterside depth of 17.3m.  The winning operator will be expected to complete the terminal development and then equip, operate and maintain the facility for the duration of the contractual period. 

The Ministers also agreed upon a mechanism which would allow for a decision during the coming three months which would result in the development of only one of the facilities at this time.

The PQ stage documentation also includes a list of non-binding questions for global operators.  The responses received will be used by the team that will finalize the tender terms to be published at the conclusion of the PQ stage as input prior to their decision on those terms.

The PQ stage will result in a list of eligible global operators that will be invited to participate in the second stage competitive bid process.  The list will be developed from interested firms that meet the minimum criteria based on container terminal operational experience and financial strength. 

Concurrent with the operational tender, the Israel Ports Company has completed the PQ stage for the tender for the construction of the new facilities and is issuing a request for proposal for the required works from the seven firms that have been deemed to meet the minimum criteria to participate in the request for proposal.  The works covered include breakwater extensions and construction, dredging, reclamation and quay construction works.  The IPC expects to begin construction on the new facilities early next year.

Information regarding the Operations Tender is available on the Israel Ports Company website

 Please find attached renditions of the projects (Hadarom in Ashdod and Hamifratz in Haifa).