Israel Ports Company: The Bayport and Southport Operational Tenders Move Forward - 4 global operators among the leading world operators have been invited to submit bids.

Following the completion of the PQ stage, the tender for the new container terminals being built in Ashdod (Southport Terminal) and Haifa (Bayport Terminal) is now moving to the next stage of the tender process with the issuance of the invitation to Bid and present
technical and financial proposals.

Four international operators have passed the prequalification (PQ) stage and have now been invited to submit proposals to operate the new terminals for a period of 25 years. 
The companies are: 
TIL, the Netherlands; 
EUROGATE,  Germany;  
ICTSI, Philippines; 
SIPG - Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., China.

The Israeli Transport and Road Minister, MK Israel Katz: "Israeli port reform continues to move forward with the expression of interest of several leading international port operators to operate the new facilities in Haifa and Ashdod. The port operations section is now being
opened to  competition.  We believe that such competition will lead to a reduction in the cost of living to the benefit of the  public". 
As part of their proposals, the companies will be required to present operational plans, sustainability plans, business plans and a financial proposal. This stage of the tender is expected to culminate during the first quarter of 2015 with the selection of the terminal

Shlomo Breiman, CEO of Israel Ports Company, stated that, "The integration of private operating companies competing in Israel's ports industry should facilitate the transition of Israel ports to among the leading modern ports. These companies have the know-how and
experience to ensure high service levels, compatible with international standards to which importers, exporters, shipping companies and all those engaged in foreign trade, are entitled to". 
The Israel Ports Company further stated that the new facilities would create an important economic stimulus and new employment opportunities for the port cities and surrounding region..