New ARKAS Line Direct Israel–Russia

Port2port News Service

The new service will supplement the present TIX service (TURKEY-ISRAEL-EXPRESS) with five days transit time

Arkas Line, which has been extensively operating over the last year in the Israeli foreign trade between Israel and Turkey, has announced a new weekly direct service from Israeli Mediterranean ports to the Russian port of Novorossiysk.

The rotation of the new weekly service- RUSSIA EXPRESS (REX) – will be Mersin, Haifa, Ashdod, LIMAS, Novo (Haifa Novo in 6 days / Ashdod Novo in 5 Days) with 2 Chartered vessels " WARNOW BELUGA" & "MICHIGAN TRADER" 1000 TEUs, each offering 350 plugs for refrigerated containers.

The new service which will supplement the present TIX service, (TURKEY-ISRAEL-EXPRESS) will have a five days transit time from the Israeli Mediterranean ports to Novorossiysk and will enable the connection to over 30 services ARKAS offering in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

In preparation for the inauguration of the new service,due to begin in two weeks time, Arkas Line's container vessel DIANE A called last week at Haifa to unload empty reefer containers which will be used for the REX service.

In 2013, Arkas Line was the leading shipping company at Novorossiysk port in terms of reefer containers unloaded. The company unloaded 18,000 reefers out of 37,000 reefers unloaded in total, ( Israeli cargo not included).

Packer shipping CEO Oren Shachar, ARKAS agents in Israel, noted that the opening of the service shows that ARKAS expresses its full confidence in the Israeli market and expects to expand its services to and from Israel in the near future