High Tech Ports

In collaboration with the port operating companies and others, the IPC is responsible for upgrading technology deployed at Israel's ports. The goal of this upgrade is to provide Israel's ports with the necessary tools to improve productivity and create the IT infrastructure allowing the ports to compete effectively, both in terms of price and service.  Some of the most important technology projects include:

State-of-the-Art Port Gates that include the latest technology to automatically identify and verify whether entrance and exit from the port is authorized. The new gates enhance port security and at the same time improve operational efficiency of the gates and terminals.

TOS – Computerized Terminal Operations System provides the port with new planning and management tools to improve utilization of berths, stacking areas, equipment and manpower.

Israel Maritime Community Supply Chain Management -The IPC leads, on behalf of  the Shipping and Ports Administration and Customs a national effort to re-engineer work processes and procedures through the use of standard EDI messages between members of the maritime community. The company developed and manages a national Maritime Community Information System (TASC-Yam).  The system is based on an electronic platform, replacing virtually all trade related paper transactions covering vessel, crew and cargo activity.  The community brings together the port authority, port terminal operators, shipping lines, shipping agents, customs, customs agents, freight forwarders, trucking and rail and importers and exporters under one umbrella, based on a single window concept.  Containers are delivered to and received from the port based on electronic messages, without the exchange of any paperwork.  The system has resulted in significant savings to users on clerical activities, reduced data input errors, reduced energy costs related to unnecessary trips to handle paperwork which in turn reduced pollution, accidents and congestion on roads.

National Port Data Bank: In collaboration with the Shipping and Ports Administration, Israel Customs, port companies and the shipping industry, a national data bank will be set up to provide a national information database on port sector traffic and activities.